When your hair is thick, it can be a chore to get it straightened. In order to keep your tresses looking gorgeous, there is a long process that must take place that involves drying as well as styling. It requires time as well as patience for thicker hair to look straight, especially if you want your hair to be bone straight. Even thinning the amount of hair you have can have a barely-noticeable result on the heaviness of your hair and how easily it is straightened. For tips on how to straighten coarse hair, here are some tricks the experts use when styling their clients.

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Make Sure Hair is Dry

Before you take a straightener to your head, you need to make sure that your hair is completely dry. You can do this by either air-drying your hair or using a blow dryer to dry it carefully. If you’re using a flat iron or straightener, then you don’t necessarily have to dry it perfectly. You can use a rough technique to dry your hair, but make sure not to create tangles that could cause damage and result in hair breaking.

Use Oils

Heat protectants can be used to keep hair from being damaged by heat when straightening. Oils are easily absorbed in the scalp and your hair, while protectants simply coat the hair in a layer of shielding. With thicker hair, some of the oils you should try are argon as well as linseed and cyperus. Other oils can be used depending on your preference, but the density of these oils makes them excellent for thicker hair.

Use the Right Temperature

Many people do not know the right temperature to use when straightening their hair. If the temperature is too low, you will have to pass over your strands multiple times in order to get straight hair. This can cause frizzes to occur as well as damage. Turn up the heat on your straightener, but make sure you do not burn your hair while running the flat iron over it.

Straighten Picturing the Style

Depending on how you want your hair to be styled, there are different ways you can use your straightener so that your hair lasts all day. If you want it to be as straight as a pin, divide the hair into small sections and straighten the bottom layers first and move to the top. For smoother hair, use bigger sections and clamp the straightener tightly while passing over hair to ensure that heat is penetrating hair and there is not excessive direct contact with the straightener.

Do Not Use a Comb

Many people think that a comb should be used when straightening hair, but this is not true. You should avoid combing your hair, as combs can cause the occurrence of split ends and static that makes hair become frizzy. Use a comb for wet hair and stick with a brush when your hair is dry.

You can straighten your luscious locks and have pin-straight hair with these tips from expert hairstylists. Get your straighter and oils out to get ready for a night on the town with beautiful, long hair.